The secrets of Keranlouan

Soon, publication of the book on the training of the dog.

The book’s publication date is now set for June.

Книга скоро на русском языке.

Revolution in the education of dogs

A passionate book, rich in advice on the education of continental pointing dogs, of all breeds.

Patrick Morin an internationally renowned Brittany breeder has recently made public his innovative method of dog education.

Train a pointing dog

Thanks to his empathy, his keen observation and his experience, Patrick Morin helps you analyse your puppy’s various behaviours and guides you with a great variety of teaching methods towards the gestures and attitudes that you should adopt for its education, while at the same time always developing a positive relationship with the animal.

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Notes :
- Patrick Morin and his kennel Keranlouan have many prizes in European canine competitions, both field and ring..

More information on the book in french :

italiano.................................... français libro sull'addestramento del cane livre sur le dressage du chien
Book on the training of the dog Libro sobre el adiestramiento del perro español. Soon available in english and russian - Éditions récits.